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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Why So Many Affiliate Marketers Fail To Make Money Online

By Russell Howe

Despite the large number of people who try to make money online through affiliate marketing programs every year, most affiliates don't see any financial return. In a world where opportunities such as Empower Network, Global Domains International and Avon are happy to promote the 'easy life' of an Internet Guru, the reality is in fact quite different.

We are going to spend a little bit of time here explaining to you why this happens. We'll also discuss the important steps you should take before making a potentially bad decision.

The number one cause of knee-jerk reactions on the internet, with regards to online business, is seeing the success of other regular people. There are thousands of folks around the globe who have built an income from home. Sadly, many people see this and presume that it is very easy, so they jump straight in without thinking. []

The difference between dreaming up a situation and then making it a reality, naturally, is great.

The sad thing is most individuals who get involved with online businesses are not in a financial position which allows them to make the most of it. They're usually desperately searching for a quick fix to their woes and, as a result, they fail to take advantage of an opportunity.

Sometimes this even leaves the affiliate in a worse financial position than when they started!

The idea of being your own boss is probably very appealing but, sadly, the reality is not like the fantasy. You'll need to work on building your business or your brand every single day. The whole 'get rich quick' genre is a false promise designed to take advantage of those who are looking for a quick fix which does not exist. If you are genuinely serious about achieving your goals, you need to show how serious you are by putting in some hard work for yourself.

All of the success stories you see online did just that.

Usually, affiliate programs are their own worst enemy. More often than not, they will market themselves with silly slogans about being able to build easy incomes without any effort. As a result, they attract people who are looking to do just that. Then they complain when their business doesn't work out. Learning how to separate the hype from the facts is like winning one half of the battle before you even begin.

Once somebody has decided upon a company and joined, they are hit with reality like a ton of bricks. The realization is too hard for most to handle. They wanted a quick fix, what they get is actually a real business which is going to require hard work and dedication, just like any other business would. Suddenly all the hype is gone.

Most of the individuals who claim they would like to make money online never truly adopt the right type of mindset to make it work. This is why it's easy to see such a vast difference in the results of various affiliates within one company. A good example of that is Empower Network or Avon, where some are able to reach their goals and others don't know how to get started. 90% of becoming your own boss is mental.

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