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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Domestic Helper Job - Real Success Advices for a real Domestic Helper Job

By Alice Sy

A job doesn't get any more real than domestic helper job that deals with a home and a family. As oppose to tradition, it's about standing out than blending in. Serving others requires hard work and if you add more flavor to the job you'll have others remember you and your success story.

Always be positive. All maids can clean efficiently and perform the typical cooking. It's the way you do it that matters. Always display a happy disposition while doing the job, wear a smile and while it's all about hard work, make the atmosphere light. Communicate with your employers respectfully and cheerfully, even a daily jolly greeting makes a difference and you'll leave a long-lasting good impression to anyone.

In any kind of domestic helper job, strive to learn more. Let your employers know that you are planning to take extra courses and do so every chance you get. From having a care-giving certificate to attending trainings and seminars you are trying hard to perfect your craft every day which shows your serious desire to succeed. Employers love enthusiastic and hard working employees, be motivated to achieve more and you'll inspire the people around you.

Your attitude matters. You don't have to be a complete saint to succeed but always be professional. Never display any anger or negative behavior such as gossiping and envying in front of your employer. Just do your job and address everyone properly, with a smile, respectful words and a cheerful attitude.

In a domestic helper job, you have the choice to go with the old flow and keep things ordinary as what the job has been traditionally known for, then again, you have the choice to make a simple job extraordinary by doing even the most simple things, extraordinary, that's the easy key to succeed anywhere.

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