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Monday, 29 April 2013

Filipino maid- What we can learn from them

By Alice Sy

A Filipino maid undoubtedly exists along with any maid agency in the world. Wherever there is a household in need of a maid worldwide, the resilient Filipino can travel all the way from the Philippines just to lend a helping hand. We may see them as just that, a helper, but there is something deeper to them and their job, something we can all learn from.

Most domestic workers have one thing in common: sacrifice. For sure life has not been easy to them. Being born under the wings of poverty in a third world country, survival is a lifetime challenge. Their condition can only be remedied if one member manages to leave the country, even family to work. Any job is good, working as a maid is a dream and a maid agency is like a genie to these workers.

The domestic helper is born with humility, something everyone must have today. That's because serving others is sacrificing one's pride and doubling one's patience and understanding. If we all live with humility in our hearts, imagine how peaceful and caring the atmosphere will be.

A helper video submitted to employers for review or posted online would reveal an emotion buried behind, loneliness. You have the right to be sad if you have been born under struggling circumstances and you have to work hard to uplift your entire family's life. But the value of the Filipino maid shows! She remains happy with her job and undaunted as if she has everything in this world.

Doing Household chores is not an enjoyable task. Yet a Filipino maid has been considered an expert. This is all due to one's hard work, positive attitude, love for family and above all for God that the Filipino helper manages to survive. If we can all live like the Filipino maid, what a wonderful warm world it will be indeed.

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