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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

By Howe Russell

Over the last ten years there has been a surge in popularity for people looking to make money online and affiliate marketing is one of the methods which is commonly used. Today we'll look at why many people don't get the results they want from it and show you the simple steps which should help you to determine whether this is an area you want to pursue.

Like anything in life, for every five claims of life changing success you'll surely be able to find five hundred claims of absolutely no results whatsoever.

Before you jump into any affiliate program it would be wise to see why most people fail to get any results, that way you can enhance your own chances of success. There are three big issues blocking the path to success for most people.

* Their sponsor doesn't support them, despite often claiming they'd do the opposite.

* The person is driven purely by money and has no interest in the actual service the company specializes in.

* People don't realize how time consuming becoming your own boss can be.

It might look easy written up there but those three steps trip up just about everybody in the home based business industry at some point.

The ace up the sleeve of the industry in general, naturally, is the massively appealing fact that absolutely anyone can reach success if they are prepared to get serious with their efforts to become their own boss. Once you get past all of the whining and looking for excuses, you're left with the fact that it's just like any other business in that you must work hard to see results. []

Ultimately it's the efforts you create to build your business which will set the stage to reap the rewards. The people who are earning a good income via internet marketing and home businesses are simply applying their efforts slightly more effectively than the mainstream.

It's the people who are actively working on their business every day of the week who tend to see positive results. If you want to become your own boss so you can 'kick back and relax' then you have a false idea of what it's really like. It can be non-stop at times.

The idea of earning from the comfort of your own home in your PJ's might sound great but you have to be ready to work just as hard as you would if you owned a real world business.

If you can focus your efforts on conquering steps two and three you should be absolutely fine. The first rule is something you cannot control, so if you are unlucky enough to be misled by a so-called 'Guru' making big promises to you and then delivering nothing, don't worry. You are the one responsible for your results anyway.

Keep your brain fully engaged to avoid the typical hype you'll encounter online. Every opportunity presents itself as the next big thing and it's likely you'll be tempted to fall for it a few times unless you look at potential businesses the same way you'd look at a business move in the everyday offline world.

If you can't resist the temptation which will be constantly put under your nose by 'Gurus' trying to temp you with promises of easy, life altering financial rewards you will not get far. There isn't much luck involved in becoming your own boss.

Many people will be ready to test your resolve and offer you the 'next big thing' at every turn. It's up to you to be grown up enough to focus on your own business.

Whether you opt to use an affiliate program like Empower Network or Mary Kay will ultimately be decided by your personal taste, nothing more, so it's important that you are also able to see the risks involved in affiliate marketing and why most people struggle with it. Now that you do, you should know whether you believe you have what it takes to make money online or not.

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