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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Affiliate Marketing vs Starting Your Own Business

By Russell Howe

There are several ways to make money online in today's society and in today's article we shall compare two of the most popular options. Most folks have tried to turn a favorite pastime into an income at some stage in their lives, but with affiliate programs like Empower Network presenting the opportunity to create an online business without needing to develop a product, which option is superior?

One of the things which really exploded thanks to the internet is the home based business industry. Previously if you wanted to turn a hobby into an income you had to earn qualifications and start a business in the high street. Nowadays, however, if you are prepared to learn how to market your skills on the worldwide web you can have a business up and running in no time at all.

The biggest mistake people make when trying to get into self employment is viewing the internet as some kind of instant solution. The only real difference is that it's based online rather than in physical location. You'll still have competitors and you'll still need to put in a huge effort if you want to succeed.

While it is possible for anybody to reach success via the internet, you must have the desire to work hard. Otherwise you have little more than a part-time hobby. Free websites like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter make it possible to generate an audience for absolutely any idea you with to pursue and if you are prepared to work hard then there is nothing stopping you.

Of course, not everyone has a favorite hobby they wish to pursue as a career and some don't like the concept of starting from the ground floor. This is where affiliate marketing becomes useful. This is a growing area of interest online, with many people choosing to align themselves to established brands and earn their income by simply recommending that company's products to others around the world.

It is possible to earn a great income via either method, with the affiliate option being the slightly easier choice as it gives the user ready made products and a brand name to work with. You'll need to put in a solid effort to see success with either method, though.

Branding yourself is a key factor in any success you hope to achieve. Whatever niche you operate within, you'll face competition from others doing the same thing. In order to stand out from the crowd you need to learn the basics of building a reputation and branding yourself as a leader within your field. []

While there are countless systems which claim to provide you with results on autopilot, these are little more than attempts to cash in on those who are naive enough to believe that they can reach success without applying themselves. The secret to success is still hard work, just like it is when you open a business in the real world.

Success can be achieved in either niche if you apply yourself consistently. Whether you turn a hobby into an income stream or choose to become an affiliate marketer for a program like Empower Network will come down to your personal opinion. Providing you are prepared to put in the effort for yourself, success is attainable in both areas.

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