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Monday, 1 April 2013

The Real Truth About MLM

By Michael McDougal

Multi Level Marketing sounds like a good thing and a tragic scheme all at the same time. If you have done any reading about MLM, you may be knowledgeable about this. Basically, it is the pyramid structure that MLM operates on.

Many people have been told that the business model for MLM is one of the best out there, a definite moneymaker that has no equal. This is not true. In fact, only 1% (or less) actually make any money at all with MLM. That is the truth! By simply starting your own business online, you have a better guarantee of making money. There are a lot of reasons for this, not the least of which is that the MLM business model is, at its nicest description, "shaky"? The entire system will crash to the ground if even a simple bookkeeping error is made.

MLM opportunities have been touted as a superior business model, capable of making almost anyone money their first time out. This is absolutely wrong. Sadly, less than 1% of those that invest their hard-earned money into an MLM turn a profit of any amount. Starting an online business, promoting your products and services, will probably make you more cash. For the most part, MLM is an unreliable business model that is hard to work and make money for a variety of reasons. One good book keeping error and the whole system falls apart. It has been said that "Network marketing is the best way to get new products on the market in existence today". Is this actually true? It's actually a lie. Doing personal retail sales, particularly door to door type of sales like the kind that most MLM people rely upon is over. The old way of selling no longer exists. In fact, new ways that are much more efficient are being used to promote services and products everyday. The business model for MLM, if you hadn't noticed already, is based upon recruiting others to do most of the work in your business. Most of the people that get in believe exactly that, and therefore no one does any work at all.

Have you noticed that the majority of MLM sites work hard to show you how you can sell their products to everyone you know? More importantly, how many MLM sites have you come across that have encouraged you to recruit your friends and family members? You'll hear often about how your family and friends will all be instantly willing to sell the products available to their own circle of friends. In reality, asking people you know to do this is a great way to lose friends and offend family members. Even if you do recruit one or two people, you have no guarantee that they'll sell anything or even earn anything. Then there's the issue of selling only one or two items to family members. They may buy out of loyalty to you once, but they aren't likely to continue. This limits your 'business' model severely.

On the outside, MLM looks good. This is why new internet surfers usually fall into the trap. Do not fall into the trap. The things said in this article are only some of the reasons of why MLM is not a good deal in the long run. You can probably locate additional reasons too.

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