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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Good Communication Is The Secret Ingredient To IM Success

By Sean Abbott

When you are a novice to IM, the field can appear so intimidating, especially if you don't possess any knowledge of the field. As you read through forums and articles, you'll see all kinds of lists about what it takes to be the next big thing. These lists are going to seem to contradict each other.

One will state that you must be patient if you want Lead Generation to be the next big thing. Another is going to say that you have to have a great deal of business savvy. You'll also discover several that will tell you that you have to be very creative if you want to succeed. And don't forget about all of the pages telling you that the software program offering there is what will help you become the next big thing.

Here's the facts: All of these things matter (okay, perhaps not the software, but the other things). You have to be diligent and smart about business and creative if you desire to be successful. None of these things count much, though, if you can't communicate well with people.

Good communication involves more than merely setting up a well-written sales page. You can find a highly skilled copywriter to take care of that for you. There is more to good communication than building a beautiful site that has an extensive FAQ. A quality designer and writer can do those things for you. If you wish to be an effective communicator, you have to acquire interpersonal communication skills, not just direct copywriting. How do you get that?

1. Make sure an e-mail doesn't sit unreplied to for more than a day. This is not a jest. You don't need to write a long note for each mail. All you need to do is pen a brief message that says something like "I received your e-mail and will be sending you a detailed answer soon." Try including a snippet that references something the original emailer has written. This helps the person emailing you tell you apart from the auto responders that everybody else is using.

2. Pick up the phone. Try to not be a call screener. Whenever your telephone rings, pick it up by the third ring. This is true even if you genuinely have no desire to talk to the person on the other end. The good news is that there is, nonetheless, an exemption to this rule. Don't be anxious about being tied to your telephone 24/7. Rather, have clear business hours during which you can talk on the phone. Publish these hours on your website and in your voice mail message also. And, obviously, give people a call back if you were unavailable when they called.

3. Check in with people to make sure that they have gotten your memos, emails, messages, etc. This will tell the person that you really care about keeping in contact with them. It will endear you even further if you say something like, "Is there anything that I can be more detailed about?" so that, if they have questions, you can answer them.

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