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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Serious Landing Page Errors That Impact Your IncomeOn Your Network Marketing Business

By Courtney Skinner

Your landing page is the most crucial part of your company and its web site. It will be the first page that your site visitors will see as it flows in to your website. That's where you put the groundwork you need to achieve your targets. What, exactly, is a lead capture page?

You can make your landing page into anything you need it to be. This could be a webpage where you get people's addresses before you let them see your website's content. It might be the main page of your Beauticontrol blog. It can be your money page.

You could make it your sales page. You can have it be the main page of your weblog. This is the webpage where you drive people to introduce them to your work. You have a great deal of flexibility. Of course, that implies that it's also possible to make plenty of mistakes. These are a few of the larger blunders that you might make and what you have to do to prevent them.

1. Screwing up the headline. It is vital for your title (also your headline) to actually seize individuals' interest. Headline and title writing are rather complicated. If you have the budget for it, you need to hire a competent copywriter to do this job for you. You'll want to keep your title/headline as to the point as possible but it also must be descriptive and compelling.

It is crucial to keep your titles and headlines as clear-cut as possible but you also have to be sure that they are compelling and descriptive too. If your traffic doesn't find your headline readable, you will not see them moving on to the remainder of your content. They will click away from the webpage. So work hard to get it right.

2. A lot of business owners are putting together landing pages that don't look or function any differently than the other webpages that are on your web site. It's fine to do this when your web site is a personal blog since that's usually the first page of your blog anyway. As a business, however, it helps to use a completely different style and design to help catch people's curiosity.

3. You shouldn't try to overperform on your lead capture page. Your squeeze page ought to just have one objective at a time. What that purpose is, is entirely for you to decide. When you're creating a list, make the whole page about obtaining the person's information. If you want to sell something, your squeeze page must focus on the selling of that particular product.

If the goal is to sell a product, your squeeze page should focus on that. When you ask too much of your visitors they'll get confused. You're going to see a reduction in your conversion ratio since your traffic won't know what they must be doing first. All that takes place then is that they'll click away.

4. Don't ignore the basic aesthetics of good design. We really do not know why, but the majority of people tend to think before a squeeze page can be successful it has to be as loud and flamboyant as possible. You shouldn't cave in to peer pressure, even if it feels really tempting. If you aren't absolutely sure what to do in terms of a design, hire a professional designer to help you out.

Don't ever cease working. You shouldn't let yourself be lazy in terms of your landing page. Keep perfecting it!

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