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Friday, 25 October 2013

Avoid The Marketing Slip-Up Of Inconsistency In Your Web Business

By Ivan Ulrich

The principle and understanding of being consistent in your marketing and advertising is not something you see talked about much on the net. Sometimes people have no thought of how essential it is, or they merely have no clue that this is available. If you forget to take advantage of this simple to know concept, then your efforts will not produce the kind of results you desire.

The explanation for this effect is a characteristic of human nature and the way in which we see and feel about what we see. You need to think about how we act in response when something takes place that is unanticipated in certain circumstances. When these circumstances occur, the typical reaction is to move away from it, and the response is identical if it takes place in your Multi Level Marketing.

One common aspect of online marketing where this effect is highly common concerns squeeze pages and a different site. As you understand, online businesses send traffic to a squeeze page because they want subscribers. One frequent experience is to be routed to a site after entering our contact information. Obviously what is presented after the person subscribes is the promoters decision. This is the common situation whereby consistency is extremely important as we will speak about next.

What you have to pay attention to in this situation are the distinctions between the squeeze page plus following site, and it is the comparability with the overall style and selection of colors and layout. If the comparison is enough, then that is inconsistency and will create an uneasy affect on the audience. As you may currently thought, if you design the squeeze page so it is a lot more congruent with the second site, then that uneasy feeling will not take place.

Let's take a look at something that many affiliate marketers put up with. Making review sites has been a very prevalent strategy, and usually there are several links to external product web pages. It is merely not practicable, or ideal really, to make a clone of a vendors site or deal with the case of multiple vendor sites. You can pick your site colors so they are appropriate with your vendor sites, however. It is easy to reduce an uncomfortable situation between designs and colors, and you can have something that is definitely somewhat neutral looking. We understand there will be some interpretation involved in this situation. You are able to get by just fine if you try to make an effort to minimize jarring color clashes as often as possible.

The subsequent critical consideration is all about advertising messages through the written word. We rarely see any glaring cases of inconsistently written marketing communications concerning email marketing. But as it applies to email marketing, it appears to generally be much more prevalent for some marketers to deviate in a large manner from what they normally promote in their emails. In our experience, this is not a substantial issue we see in email campaigns. However, we have seen it enough to think that many web marketers and businesses are unaware of the importance to be consistent.

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