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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

How To Make Extra Money Online Taking Surveys

By Estela Collins

A few years back, blogs became a hit. Seeing that it is a great way to share opinions, ideas, and stories, a lot of people started to put up their own blogs just so they can share its content with their friends and families. Some made a wise move of making their blog site a channel to earn money, while some have no idea how it is done. If you have been asking yourself, "How can I make extra money from my blog site?" wonder no more. Here are a few ideas that can help you generate some extra cash from the blog sites that you have been sustaining with great content for the past few years.

If other companies or websites see that your site is getting a steady flow of traffic from the market they are targeting, they would want to be able to direct some of that traffic to their site. One way to do this is to hire you to write and post a blog or article that will feature a link of their website. It could be a review or a niche article that will make you recommend their product or service. In return, you will be paid for the article you wrote.

Social media hasn't blown up for no reason. People are raving over Facebook and Twitter and constantly hit the sites to post, chat and network. It has never been easier than it is today to get in contact with all of the people you are targeting regardless of what niche or category you may be in. For this reason, it is essential you jump into Facebook regularly to ask questions, answer questions and engage your target audience in conversation.

If you are stumped on how to make extra money, write out your goals and interests. From there, do some research and find out what is hot and what is not. You will then want to pick one niche and expand outward. Start with a single niche you are extremely knowledgeable with and establish yourself as an expert. Then you can branch out to other areas.

At this stage, you probably have a bit of knowledge of how this opportunity works. You take surveys and get paid. But there are more things to know in order to increase your chances of success with this opportunity such as tips that can maximize your paid survey income. Then you may have some lingering questions that may not be answered. There's also a good possibility that you are not aware of sites that you can join to earn cash taking surveys.

Which survey websites pay cash? Are they legit? Am I eligible to become a member? There's a lot that goes into the research process but if you take your time and make sure you gather the information you need from reliable sources, you should run into very little problems when you actually start taking surveys because you will be more informed.

Blogging is an activity that will not make you rich right away, but it is a relaxing activity that gives you the freedom of working at anytime of your choosing. It is easy to get started only requiring you to sign up in a free blogging service such as WordPress or Blogger. You can then proceed in thinking of a theme where your future articles are tied to and lace them with advertisements so you can make extra money when people click on those ads.If you want to go deeper into customization, you can purchase your own domain and hosting space so you have full control on the look and feel of your blog as well as the placements of ads. To make money, your blog must have some traffic so you may need to advertise your blog in other sites and services around the web. If your blog becomes very popular, you may make even more money by selling it to someone that wishes to continue it.

Once that is done, go on each site and fill out any profile surveys that are open. It will take some time to fill out profiles on every survey panel you are a member of but you will be grateful that they are filled out when you start getting survey invitations that you are qualified to take. Remember, you need to actually qualify for surveys in order to take them and make money.Ready to take some surveys? At this point, you can do just that. Sometimes there may not be an opportunity to take surveys from a panel right after becoming a member but they should start coming in within a day or two. If you joined a bunch of panels, you should be able to get at least one paying survey opportunity right away but if not, be patient, they will start coming in.

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