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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Improving Your Article Marketing For More Website Traffic And Higher Conversions

By Alexandria Henderson

If you have been involved in online marketing for quite a while now, you should know about the power of article marketing. Majority of initiates to article marketing just approach it in one or possibly a couple of ways, but there is much more available to you. Indeed, there are different formats for articles based on the goal you wish to attain.

There are a number of different types of articles as well as strategies for creating articles. We will explore this area of optimizing your articles and approaches to gain more traffic to your site and hike up overall conversions.

The typical approach taken by article marketers is to generate traffic from article directories. Then many article marketers try to SEO their articles with the belief that they can get them ranked in Google. However many of the lesser experienced article writers put too much emphasis on obtaining website traffic from article submission sites. There is one other approach that is not used as frequently by most marketers.

However today we are going to look at a unique technique that is used much less often by article marketers. This alternative, yet effective, method is writing for syndication. There are big differences with positions and beliefs between content syndication and all the other techniques.

Syndicating articles pertains to the process in which your articles are found by website owners and used on their websites. You are going to obtain great mileage from your articles when you get them syndicated, and there are numerous fantastic advantages also. But webmasters are not syndicate just any type of content. They normally want lengthier articles that are well-written and contain extremely useful content.

Articles created for syndication have to be the highest quality in terms of content uniqueness, and they need to be a lot longer. You also need to keep in mind that these site owners are knowledgeable about their topics. Your articles have to be good because they possess a trained eye for excellent content that is well-written.

You should always publish your content on your site, and then wait until Google indexes them, before you post it to an article directory. Once they have done that, then they will afterwards publish that article on their own sites. Doing this out of proper sequence is very common and not entirely understood by many article marketers. To illustrate, for Google's sake you want them to know that the original content, your article, came from your website instead of from any article directory.

It is essential for ranking your site that the posted content is indexed on your site first. Obviously, you are going to want your own site to rank highly in the search engines than the directory. That is why it is essential, and permissible, to publish your content on your website first, and then on any article directory site.

We will now tell you what you can do to make your article syndication efforts successful. Let's assume you have created an article you think is suitable for syndication. Then you will publish your article on your site and then the article submission sites. Subsequently, you can approach right websites, in your niche and are well-known, and ask website owners if they would like to syndicate your article.

Do research on potential sites where your article could be published, and you aim for popular website. You may find that some people, site owners, have looked at your article in some article directory. So at that point you merely approach them and inquire if they would like to syndicate it, and likewise ask about future syndication.

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