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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Powerful Home Business Lead Generation Tips That Really Work

By James Wehner

MLM lead generation means chasing down your network of friends, family, and neighbors and trying to sell them on your business. To a traditional MLM business owner this is widely accepted. To some people it means throwing your business card in the "FREE lunch" bucket at Chipotle. It's amazing to think in this day and age that people were actually successful with this method in the 80s and 90s. Some incredible things have evolved since these times.

With today's pro marketers MLM lead generation can be fun and productive. A lot of people think it's too challenging and they don't even give it a shot, and that's a sad fact. I say that because 97% of people fail in network marketing in their first 12 months in the business. I personally believe that's a statistic that can be reversed and over 90% of people can be successful. The key is not having the best hyped products, or the best compensation plan, or be on the team of the top money producer.... The key is actually having the most effective marketing system. Traditionally people were taught to host business mixers, trick your contacts into a business presentation launch, or drag them to hotel meetings. I used to do this, and was moderately successful, but I hated it because I was constantly away from a family.

All MLM leads are not created equal! You have cold leads, warm leads, social media leads, phone leads, and referrals. Network Marketingleads can be generated from various sources such as a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, ezine marketing, etc. and that is just the tip of the iceberg. I also like PPC and article marketing a lot. So creating a simple system that teaches you how to market on the virtual marketplace known as the Internet would be pretty helpful. Does that make sense?

I'm going to let you in a little secret.... MLM Online Magic is a one-stop shop for all your MLM lead generation desires. I have personally been using this powerful attraction marketing system to generate thousands of leads for my primary network marketing opportunities. Among the many cool features of the system including pre-built lead capture pages & autoresponder e-mails, is the fact that you get to learn how to market yourself as the leader. In fact, the system teaches you how to leverage the many facets of the Internet and be a real force in MLM lead generation. Let's discuss a couple of the strategies that MLM Online Magic will teach you below:

Blog Marketing

It's pretty easy, create a lot of good targeted content for your blog and post on it regularly. I highly recommend posting at least three times a week. Strategize on the keywords that you want to write about and check those with the free "Google keyword tool." This will help you find some sweet spots and write about those particular topics or keywords. Blogs are one of my favorite MLM lead generation strategies. I find that people that sign up to one of my email capture boxes on my blog know more about working with me and already have a general feeling of who I am. Your blog will also give people a perception of your strategies and if you are a professional that they can trust and join in business.

Article Marketing

This ties in to what you post on your blog in the sense that you can create resource boxes pointing back to your blog. After you post this on your blog you can spin the text, in other words rephrase each paragraph, and submit it to dozens, or even hundreds, of websites. You can also use this article as a press release to get more presence online. A key principle to successful article marketing is having good keywords and topics. Ideally you do not want to use your keywords more than one time per paragraph in your article. A nice feature of article marketing is your articles will stay posted in most cases for a very long time. This is one of the tried and tested methods for consistent and long-term MLM lead generation.

E-mail Marketing

This is one of the most important tools for home business lead generation. The thing about e-mail marketing is you can expose people to your primary network marketing opportunity, affiliate programs, or more. You can also give more of a personal insight into who you are and really develop a relationship with your lead. I have read statistics that say you have to have 5 to 8 exposures before somebody is comfortable to buy your products. Guess what? Every time you e-mail somebody they check out your e-mail and that counts as an exposure. When people join my list I try to e-mail them at least once every day. Industry gurus like Daegan Smith has actually taken a step further and e-mail his list twice a day. So you do what you're comfortable with but just know that once or twice a day is actually not too much to really build a relationship.

Google Pay Per Click Marketing

Google is the big man on campus. If you are looking for instant gratification in your MLM lead generation campaign, Google pay per click Adwords is what you have been looking for. This fact that you can put together a campaign on Google and get leads 30 minutes later is pretty cool. But this instant gratification comes at a bit of a price, as it can be very expensive to advertise on Google. I do not recommend this strategy for people who are brand-new to Internet marketing. Google will tax you and watch you on your way to learning how to use the system properly. So just make sure you have a good mentor or coach or read Perry Marshall's Guide to Google adwords. This will help you from avoiding the Google dummy tax. One thing I would like to point out is when your budget is depleted in your ads stop showing. Compare this to article marketing, where your articles can be visible online for years, Google will only show your ads as long as you're pouring money into your marketing.

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