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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Customize Modular Homes Fayetteville NC

By Catalina Nielsen

Your dream house may be Mediterranean style, Cape Cod, Colonial, 2 or 3 stories, or a split level. If you're looking for a builder to complete your dream home, look no further than modular homes Fayetteville NC. This housing can be customized to create almost any dream home, with or without a basement.

Choose the placement and style of doors and windows. Choose the exterior siding of your choice. Choose carpet, tile, or hardwood floors. Choose any style of plumbing and electrical fixtures. Choose appliances, material and color of countertops. Choose a floor plan from several options, or customize a floor plan. Move a wall to create a great room out of 2 smaller rooms, or design an extra large laundry space.

Because modules are built at the factory while the foundation is prepared, this type of housing can be completed in 1/3 the time of a typical site built house. There's no weather caused delays at the factory. Modular homes must meet all local building codes. Hire a local contractor familiar with local building codes to supervise the final construction.

Price quotes are more reliable when building modular housing. There aren't as many variables. Less cost overruns from weather related delays or scheduling delays waiting for subcontractors. The interest rate on construction financing is less because the term of the loan is shorter. Manufacturers purchase materials in bulk quantities. Customization adds to the cost but rarely will your customized home cost more than a site built home.

It's a common misconception that modular = mobile. The only similarity is they're built in a factory. Modular housing is required by law to meet standard housing codes. Mobile homes are not. Modules are easy to improve, upgrade, and expand. They appreciate in value. They're transported as modules, then bolted to a permanent foundation. Mobile homes (trailers) are built as a single unit and placed on wheels for transportation.

Modules are precision built in factories, then placed on flatbed trucks for transportation to the building site. They must be sturdily built for transportation. They're usually built with 20-30% more materials than the typical stick built home. At the building site modules are bolted and sealed and connected to local utilities.

Factory built housing creates less construction waste. The precision cutting possible in the factory setting makes for a tighter, more energy saving fit of walls to ceilings. Wood doesn't sit outside getting wet and possibly growing unhealthy mold. Modules are built with sturdy 2x6's that allow for extra insulation behind the walls.

These are sturdy houses meeting and exceeding local building codes. A basic model costs less than a site built home. Most manufacturers offer a wide variety of customization options. Some specialize in designing custom built modules. The more customization, the greater the cost, but this is still a very quick and cost effective way to build your dream home. Your custom designed home will appreciate in value.

Modular homes Fayetteville NC cost less to build. They take less time to build. They're eco-friendly and energy efficient. They're considered the same as a site built home for purposes of financing, insurance, and taxation. They appraise and appreciate in value at the same rate as surrounding stick built housing. Research pricing, quality, and customization options before choosing a manufacturer.

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