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Friday, 24 August 2012

Social Network Marketing - The Next Big Thing

By Deborah Willis

One of the most popular and profitable tactics to earn money on the web is by using social networking. Many people are already making thousands of dollars a month using this strategy, but lots more aren't making any money at all .

If you're yet to take part the social media marketing frenzy, there are number of things that you should really know before you enter into this competitive market-place.

You want A Strategy in Social Network Marketing

You have to check out the competition all of the time and follow folks in the same area of business, spy on them if you like, but discover what they do that makes them successful. You'll find that the most successful folks are on every well-liked social sites all of the time. Social networking is a hands-on, each day business requiring tedious hours and learning. It isn't like having a stand alone internet site. The word "social" means what it is saying.

It's real folk that you're coping with and others wish to see you are also a genuine person, you have to build relations and finally, just like building off-line friendships, folks will learn to trust you.

When you enter the arena of social networking, nobody knows who you are, so part of the method is to build your web character, engage with others constantly, i.e. Be sociable. You cannot mix your personal life with your business life, when beginning social networking on Facebook you need to make a page for your business, and keep this completely separate. Pictures of you at a party with a beer in your hand, and comments from your friends about how great the party was, is not going to affect any person if they're mixed in with your business promotions. Do you understand this? Very few folk will buy something from you, if they believe that all you do is party every night. The key is, keep your business and private life separate, brand yourself, even though you'll end up looking like a schizophrenic.

Social Network Marketing Using Video

YouTube is an overwhelming opportunity to make money, there are uncountable billions of hits on videos each day, so if you want to become part of the social networking scene, find out how to make wonderful videos and brand yourself by being in them. Get over being camera shy ; video making just involves some learning and practice. Video has become an essential component of marketing these days ; you find them everywhere in e-mails, on websites, in blogs and on other social media sites.

It's just like in the old days of face to face marketing, when folks went out and stood in malls, or invited folks to their home for Tupperware parties, when folks see you, like and trust you, then they'll buy.

In layman's terms social marketing is attraction marketing.

Even if you post a picture of yourself somewhere, make sure you're smiling! Hiding behind a Gravatar will do nothing for personal branding.

People need to know you, who you are and what you are about. Yes you'll get into a little of that if you plug your business thru social network sites, but keep you and your business character separate, just use enough of the genuine you to draw in folks to you and cut out the chit chat. This is your business and your livelihood after all.

The Key is to master the science and art of social network marketing for online Multi-Level Marketing lead generation. Think attraction marketing. Think leads. Think branding. Think about "building a business" not just a downline.

When you get to know the easy way to do it right, you'll be ready to create enough leads on demand to have a lucrative company and pocket thousands of bucks in commissions, and you also will be able to sign up lots of folk many more than some can sign up in a year, by simply having a system that promotes a huge online social network marketing lead generation plan. You'll find out more by following this link.

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