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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Live The Life, Have Some Fun With a Tampa New Home

By Lance Mohr

One of Tampa's favored settlements, Land O Lakes with more than its fair share of lakes in one area is surrounded by green open spaces and easy accessibility to Brandan and Tampa that are its border towns. Traveling here has proved to be even more attractive to visitors due to its close proximity to US Route 41 and Sun coast Parkway.

The residents of the area are fairly affluent with a median household income that is more than $20,000 above that of the state average. The high income capacity of residents is also reflected by the housing prices that begin at $100,000. Single family homes in the area average about $240,000. There are plenty of properties that offer lakeside access, but these tend to have a premium price of over $1,000,000 attached.

Despite this however, there are still many bargains to be made for interested buyers as the real estate market in the state of Florida is still far from fully recovered. It comes as no surprise that many foreign buyers have also dipped into this market to capture Land O Lakes homes at their discounted prices.

The appeal of this place is clearly evidenced by the number of people that have bought property here during the last 20 years and the increasing number of new units in Tampa. The expansion of new areas such as Wilderness Lakes and Tierra de Sol complete with golf courses, parks and various other facilities has also made the area even more attractive to residents.

According to City-Data.com, the area is among one of the top 30 counties where more people are moving in than moving out. A big part of the appeal for people buying Land O Lakes homes is the newness of the place. Most of the housing is less than ten years old, and new developments are still coming up. The neighborhoods have been well planned to offer a great balance in family and social life. In the surrounding areas, there are new schools being built and shopping malls to accommodate the ever increasing population.

There's no lack of recreational facilities in Land O Lakes and those living in the Tampa waterfront new home have plenty of opportunities to go on fishing and boating trips while enjoying the beauty of the landscape or take up the challenges posed by sailing the open seas that lead to the West coast area of the Gulf of Mexico a mere thirty miles away.

The community has a healthy mix of families and singles with plenty of social activities for residents to enjoy. There are several fun festivals to look forward to including the Taste of Towne and Wine Festivals. Adults and kids can find lots of activities to take part in, and for those looking for something more cosmopolitan, downtown Tampa is less than thirty minutes drive for most residents. Tampa new homes in the area have been well planned to ensure comfortable living and access to lots of recreational activities.

Construction is the busiest industry in Land O Lakes and it's not difficult to guess why when you see the number of new settlements coming up to accommodate the escalating numbers of families. When you think of the enormous benefits that can be gained from this area, you can be sure there will be streams of visitors arriving to make it their home. For families that want to live in a stress free environment with an urban outlook, nothing can beat a Tampa new home.

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