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Monday, 27 August 2012

Nine Tips to Earn More Cash on eBay

By Bob Garrett

If you've ever tried, you probably know - it's not too difficult to sell stuff on eBay. What's not so easy to do is closing the sale. There are several competitors, plus price tags are aggressive and there are costs for each listing - whether your items sell or not.

Here's something I know with eBay selling, I've discovered some quick-to-implement ideas that help me sell products - and also get the attention of more potential buyers, therefore driving up the sales price. Taking advantage of the nine tips I've listed, you can rake in higher profits as soon as you start your next auction.

Let's get started. Follow steps 1-9 below:

1. Make Your Title Descriptive and Specific

Some examples include brand names, colors, abbreviations, size, model numbers and on and on. Because the area for your title contains a specified number of characters, you may need to select which text is most important. Typically, adding more keywords can increase revenue, because this offers buyers additional ways to discover your ad.

2. Add Multiple Photographs of Your Product

Photos that will work best must demonstrate the value of the merchandise you are trying to sell. Good pictures often are multiple displays of the piece being sold and don't forget ones that zoom in on special features. Sometimes it's advantageous to provide visual proof of new packaging or a label with a photo.

When you take pictures, brainstorm inquiries that buyers may think of, and how photos can provide a solution those concerns. The more queries you can deal with - and trust you can create by way of your eBay sales page - the more buyers you will appeal to.

3. Provide Various Payment Options

Today's shoppers are looking for options, and they do not like to be forced into a decision. Providing a variety of ways to pay is a very simple technique to increase the group of visitors who will bid on your listings. More bidders usually turns into increased activity and a bidding frenzy.

4. Keep Shipping Low - or Free

Costly shipping and handling surcharges can be a turn off to customers - and low-priced listings with expensive shipping charges don't entice customers. Except when your products are heavy or bulky, expensive shipping charges should not be added on.

Provide the standard and lowest fee you can afford, letting buyers decide whether to pay more for expedited shipping if they want. Free shipping is also a cost-effective way to attract additional bidders. Visitors will increase their bids at a time when they like that fact that they don't have any shipping charges to cover.

5. Accept Returns (When Applicable)

In many cases, buyers won't request their money back for items they purchase except for when it's definitely horrid. Hey - it's not convenient to get a refund on things you buy. So keep in mind, informing shoppers up front that they can get a refund builds their trust in you instantly. It simply provides them an additional reason why they should purchase from you.

6. Maintain 100% Positive Customer Feedback

This might appear obviously apparent, but the crazy thing is that a large number of visitors don't remember to submit any feedback. Their actions can frustrate sellers who have put lots of effort into making a positive sale.

There is an easy 2-step technique to increase the customer comments obtained.

Before anything else, when bidding ends and a buyer has bought your product, contact the customer by email. Make him/her aware of the status of the shipment and which day he will have the item. Include a brief message that you would be really happy if he would leave his feedback when he receives the merchandise.

Secondly, at the time the purchaser should have gotten the item, send him a follow-up e-mail. Bring up that you're checking to be sure that he received the order and to reach out to you if he has concerns. Include a reminder that you'd like to get his comments. Then enclose a link or information on leaving comments.

Make it as easy as possible to leave feedback, and these reminders should get the job done. This tactic works simple because many times, buyers don't give comments due to the fact that they aren't informed or they don't know how.

7. List a Complete Run-Down of the Product

Details work to your advantage in an auction listing. Some readers are looking for specifics while many don't care, so it won't hurt to insert as many specifics as possible in an easy-to-skim layout. Implement numbered lists and point out necessary information for visitors who want to skim over the description.

Another significant case for why you should add a detailed description is to help your listing get discovered by as many potential bidders as possible. When customers look for things on eBay, it's difficult to know ahead of time which search phrases they will use. Therefore, the more terms you insert on your eBay page that talk about what's for sale, the more likely searchers are to discover your item.

8. Start the Bidding Low

Buyers think of eBay to find to save money. Don't auction merchandise at a small discount - give visitors a deal that they can't walk away from. If your auctions start surprisingly low, the greater number of bidders will want to bid on your item. And so, you know what will happen next.

9. Decide on Your Auction Expiration Wisely

When you list your item, take a look that your listing doesn't expire during a period when the majority of people are doing something else or sleeping. I've actually gotten a few highly discounted purchases (as a bidder) on auctions where the end time was late on a Saturday. This suggested that other bidders was not around because people had other plans on a Saturday evening...

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