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Monday, 13 August 2012

Go Out and Improve Your Situation

By Ernest Dennen

Pretty much the best thing that comes from being an online marketer is being able to work from home. You may have a fairly clear picture of what you expect from the experience of working from home. You picture the perfect home office, one that is quiet and has no distractions and is a space where you only have to focus on the work you wish to do and the earning of millions of dollars. You're driven to establish yourself a profitable empire in this space.

When you begin to really work on your business, however, the home business office that once felt completely perfect now feels like it is holding you back. You are only staring at the walls all day long daily. You look mindlessly out of the same windows. The view outside those windows almost never changes. You can feel those feelings of boredom and your mind has a tendency to wander a lot more than it ever did in the past.

Eventually you discover you are wasting hours of your day surfing the web and browsing at funny pictures of woodland creatures rather than actually doing the work for your business. You spend entire days in forums talking about your favorite TV show instead of the market you've chosen for yourself. You start attempting to find any excuse to get up and to start taking time away.

What this means is, Fearsome Internet Marketer, that you have to leave that home office.

If you have a laptop and you don't need to make phone calls, it is really very easy to pick up your Internet Business and go elsewhere with it. You can actually work just as easily from your local library or cafe as you can from your office at home. The truth is, you might even be better off, taking some time to work outside your home.

There are plenty of research projects out there that illustrate the influence that some noise can have on output and creativity. Using a relatively quiet and isolated room as the standard, these scientific studies prove a few interesting things. It's true that you aren't going to get a great deal of work completed if you try to work in an environment with lots of people talking loudly and moving all over the place. This should be apparent. Nevertheless, ambient noise or quiet background talking has proven to be really effective. If other people are really physically in the same space your creativity will get even higher. This is the reason you will not see an increase in your efficiency because you let a television play in the background.

If that sounds totally crazy to you, spend a while considering this. When you work outside your home and around other people, you will encounter doors and opportunities that open up for you for networking that you won't get if you just work from your home. There is not any way of knowing when the person who is sitting beside you at the coffee house will want to learn more about you.

So if you find your mind beginning to wander, get off the chair and get out. Get your computer (if it is portable). Or you could just jot down ideas in a regular notebook. You will be surprised about how much you can do when you leave the confines of your office at home. Really, trust us on this! Go out there!

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