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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Seven Oaks - The Real Life Dream House For You and Your Family

By Lance Mohr

It's normal for families to agree to disagree. From the television programs or movies to watch to the destination of vacation, family members are expected to speak their mind. The case is not so different when it comes to choosing a new home. When everyone has his or her own needs to consider, it is almost impossible to find a new address that could meet everyone's approval. With this dilemma in mind, why not gather the family and take a short trip and see some homes. If you haven't decided on which Florida address to move in, perhaps this trip will be worth your family's time.

Seven Oaks is more popularly known for its series of luxury homes in Wesley Chapel. This up and coming Florida community is conveniently located between I-75 and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Pasco County. Talking about convenient commutes from the best local schools, hospitals and even nearby work hubs, this is certainly the place you would want your family to be.

This 2,500-acre land development project was solely designed with every American family's needs in mind. Recognizing the need for aesthetics to win lasting impressions, Seven Oaks have retained century-old trees and arranged them carefully along the roads around the neighborhood. The nearby Wesley Chapel is only a few steps away from the residential lots. For your viewing pleasure, exotic tropical plants and colorful garden plants are used and carefully arranged along the road as well as in private residential yards.

The strategic location of this community is also complemented with a number of amenities that families can visit and enjoy. From local establishments to plain sidewalks, colorful ornamentals and exotic tropical plants are carefully arranged and maintained for your viewing pleasure. Traffic has never been a problem as it is kept at a safe distance from the community roads.

It's hard enough to find a family-friendly community in Florida, but this charming community offers many things that only a few lucky American families enjoy nowadays. For instance, local roads have biking lanes where children can go to their friend's house without hassle from the usual traffic. People who are fond of hiking can take advantage of its interesting nature trails. Fitness centers for swimming, tennis, baseball, soccer and more sports are ever present.

Of all the many amenities that you should look forward to, it must be the 17-acre and 4.5-million dollar SportsCore and Club that should top your list. The opportunity to own a house in Seven Oaks goes with an exclusive access to its array of fitness and leisure amenities. From basketball courts to pools, swings and slides, people of all ages will surely have a great time.

You can bring the whole family to sit in the clubhouse's multi-tiered theater with op-of-the-line projection system. Sports and fitness centers as well as events kitchen are perfect for moms and dads. No need to worry about the younger members of the family for the activity center is often filled with fun events for the younger crowd.

If you are looking for that perfect place for your family, buying a home in Seven Oaks will give you the opportunity to have nothing less than that. Checkout the house list, open house schedules and go plan your visit today.

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