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Friday, 24 August 2012

Can You Actually Make Big Money with Project Payday?

By Duncan R. Cumming

Here is how Project Payday works in brief.

Let's make a deal. You go sign up to receive a free bottle of the most recent miracle drug. It's a $49.95 value but you'll only have to pay a $4.95 transportation charge. Then send me your bill and I may pay you $20 for your time and effort along with a reminder you need to go up and straight away cancel the automatic monthly cargo you may or may not have realized you were enrolling for.

Not a bad deal, right? You pay $5 and earn a $15 profit. And the referring affiliate also earns a great return as the miracle drug company paid them a solid $40 commission to get a new sale. Just about an everyone wins scenario. Or is it?

Is Project Payday Moral?

Project Payday is a web course engineered to teach you the correct way to make a percentage promoting varied CPA or "cost per action" offers employing a highly debatable incentivized approach like the deal just suggested.

Not acquainted with CPA offers? These are often free or terribly low-cost trial offers engineered to get a company's product, service or business ventures into the hand of a new customer in the expectation of gaining further a sales later on.

Have you seen any advertising banners that offer you iPods, Cash, or Laptops simply to finish a survey? Those are called "Incentivized Freebie Websites" or IFWs and are the guts of Project Payday trick model.

These firms really will give you the freebie after completing a survey or a specific number of affiliate offers, there is however a catch. Before you qualify to receive the item in question you need to either hand over your personal information, complete a minimum number of trial offers, agree to a once per month auto shipment, or recruit six of your loved ones to complete the same offer.

Naturally, if you actually have an interest in the product or service - then that's a different situation altogether. But if an affiliate comes in and fundamentally bribes you to finish the offer and then recommends you to straight away cancel any further commitment, the company gets cheated.

This may be a win for you and the referring associate, but the company loses massively because they paid a commission for what really amounts to a fake customer who actually had little interest in the product or service being offered. So the answer to the question : "Is project payday ethical?" is pretty clear. It depends totally on which side of the fence you sit and your own sense of right and wrong.

That being said, there a large amount of folks making six-figure even seven-figure incomes working part time from home promoting CPA offers. The difference is they recommend the offers in such a manner as to attraction people that are sincerely curious about at least trying the product or service. It is a proved model and it works well once you master the science and art of marketing.

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