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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Transfer Maid-When the Transfer Maid Fails to Meet Expectations

By Alice Sy

Most employers are led into thinking they hired the perfect transfer maid, until on the work day itself. If your domestic helper is not who she said she was on the interview, don't request for an immediate transfer from the maid agency. Forgiveness and forgetfulness do work to some extent, to your advantage.

Newly transferred maids take some time to adjust to a new home, especially if the tasks are overwhelming. Some even fidget that their good English turns into the worst language, they forget to keep up with the work and they may even resort to consistent reasoning, worst are lies. Instead of getting mad, communication is the key. Make sure she's in perfect physical condition and ask her what support you can give that may help.

The transfer maid may have problems completing the tasks the way you want them despite boasting of experiences in her employment history. It may be the pressure or your sky rocketing expectations that's putting a halt to her functionality. Time will solve the case initially, give her a week or 2 to blend in and if you don't want to be blamed provide her all the information she needs to work efficiently.

If you want a Good maid out of your domestic helper be a good example and show interest in her culture, background and general life so she can be comfortable with you faster. Be a just judge and open a private discussion sharing suggestions on how to improve efforts or act better in your opinion instead of just voicing out reprimands. If it doesn't work after 3 warnings inform the possibility of an immediate transfer.

The safe way to treat a misunderstood transfer maid is to remain calm and professional, thinking that she's just like anybody else, not perfect. It helps if you are willing to help your domestic helper from a personal level in the hopes of lifting up her spirit and encouraging her to work better which is at most for your benefit also.

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