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Monday, 18 March 2013

Nanny for Hire- Initial Warning Signs to Watch Out for When Hiring a Nanny

By Alice Sy

A Nanny for hire has a long way to go before landing to the house of a generous employer. For the families, it is not advisable to skip any part of the hiring process. Every step after all leads to more knowledge about the maid and peace of mind for the family. Familiarity happens over time and so is compatibility. At the beginning, it's all about the basics. Know the signs when to hire and when to say goodbye to a nanny.

Nanny Does not Establish Credible Reference checks

A nanny must always provide a solid background of experiences, including past employers and their contact numbers. Sometimes a nanny does provide references, but are they credible? It is the employer's duty to verify the authenticity of the nanny's statements and interview past employers too, the more the merrier.

Nannies Aupair has No Legal Records

Nannies that migrated overseas to work need legal documents as valid passport or a social security number. That's because illegal recruitment for overseas workers is very rampant. The nanny should be able to give her agent from the travel agency or a contact person in their local embassy.

Short-term Jobs Dominate Nanny's Records

A nanny criminal background check is the first step but another good basis of judging the nanny's qualifications is through previous employment record. How long does she last in every job? Give her the benefit of the doubt if most of them did not last long, but do ask her reasons and verify her previous employers too about the truth.

A nanny for hire has many things to offer if she is the right candidate otherwise everything will just be a disaster. The good news is, there are many loving and truthful nannies today. Still, not all good nannies happen to be for real. Take these signs at heart to avoid that risk, no matter how small it is.

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