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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Online Marketing Can Really Boost the Profitability of Your Traditional Business

By James Steele

It's common for "traditional" business owners to believe that Internet Marketing is separate and of no help to them. You own a brick and mortar business! Why would you spend a bunch of your time playing around online? The truth, whether you want to admit it or not, is that some of your business probably already is on the Internet. Do you have a website? Do you email your business partners, clients and buyers? These are ways of doing Internet Marketing. The truth is that Internet Marketing, when properly integrated, can be a major plus for your business. Here are a few of the best ways to use Internet Marketing to build your business.

Spend a little time each day talking to people through forums. It's important to focus on the forums in your niche or that relate to your business. You don't have to spend a ton of time in those forums. It's way too easy to become addicted to the forum atmosphere so set limits from yourself from the get go. Selling, though, is not what you want to do right now--it is important to understand this. This probably sounds weird. But it's true that it will help build your business. Your signature file needs to contain the URL for your business website. Then you just need to participate in conversations and answer questions. People will want to visit the links in your signature because you'll earn their respect by demonstrating your knowledge of their subjects. Your website can do the actual selling.

One thing you will hear, practically from the minute that you start researching Internet Marketing methods, is that you need to build a "list." Here's good news: you are probably already doing this--especially if you are asking for email addresses from shoppers and clients. A "list" is basically just a list of email addresses to which you are allowed to send direct marketing messages. It is simple enough to ask people to give you their email addresses when they purchase something from you or hire you. Make sure that you include an "opt-in box" on your website. There are lots of different ways to encourage people to sign up for your opt in lists.

The local chamber of commerce directory is not the only one so don't limit yourself. There are plenty of options online and they generally don't charge anything for you to become a member. You can even meet other business owners and build relationships with them because some of these sites operate just like social media platforms. The more incoming links you have to your site, the better and it only takes a few minutes to register your site and business with these directories.

Otherwise, how can people find you? Ensuring your site is properly set up around these terms is essential so people can easily track you down. Keyword stuffing is frowned upon, so make sure you don't overdo it, though.

There are so many ways to use Internet Marketing to beef up your traditional and offline business. You might have a few of them going already and not even realize it. All Internet Marketers, for example, have to have websites. If you want to grow your business, IM techniques like social media marketing, list marketing, etc are quite useful. So, instead of shunning the Internet, it is important to embrace it and its power so that you can start increasing your profit margin.

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