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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Is Your Home Business A Scam Or Not?

By Russell Howe

If you are searching online for the best home based business program it is likely that you will come across thousands of programs which all claim to be the top dog. But one of the biggest problems for potential online marketers is that they don't know how to check if a potential business is as genuine as it first appears.

There are tens of thousands of genuine, legal and safe online businesses out there you can take your pick from, providing a means for thousands of people to build their family's income from the comfort of their home.

Of course, for every great program there is a not-so-great program. For every safe and genuine opportunity there is one which doesn't stack up quite so well. Most people presume that anything they see on the internet is too good to be true, that reputation is largely because of the negative reputation of multi-level marketing companies which didn't work out.

We're talking about those fly-by-night, flash-in-the-pan multi-level marketing opportunities which arrive on the scene in a cloud of hype and buzz only to disappear within three months and be replaced by a newer, shinier next big thing.

It's a never ending cycle of nonsense, and there are people who genuinely believe you can 'get rich quick' on the internet. That's why so many affiliate marketers fail to make money online even when they find a solid opportunity like Global Domains International or Empower Network.

In order to prevent future disappointment, it is highly important that you select an opportunity which is going to be long-term just like you are. It's no good switching programs every month and hoping to strike it lucky by being in the right company at the right moment.

So how do you discover whether or not a business is really genuine and here to stay for the long term?

* A business license will have been granted by the secretary of state where the company is legally registered.

* The company should be products driven and approved by the Federal Trade Commission.

* The company should also have been in business for some considerable time.

The 'get rich quick' mentality is usually associated with MLM opportunities. They sprout up every single day, each promising the be 'game changers' and guaranteeing mass riches for the people who get in early. It never works, of course.

You should always have easy access to the materials which prove your potential opportunity is genuine. After all, given the amount of fear in the industry about being ripped off, if a company has acquired some genuine legal proof of it's safety it will want to boast about it.

Before you get involved in anything which you believe to be the best home based business opportunity you have ever come across, it certainly pays to run these simple checks. If it comes through with flying colors then you know you can build your future with no doubt that the company you work with is going to be there with you all the way.

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