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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Why You Should Be Branding Yourself In Empower Network

By Howe Russell

One of the things which stands out about Empower Network is the number of affiliates who are not effectively branding themselves and, as a result, not getting any success with their business. In our post today we shall explain the importance and simplicity of building your brand.

To achieve success in any home based business opportunity you need a certain mentality.

If you opened up a gym in the real world what would be your first move? More than likely you'd begin trying to brand your business and tell people why they should be getting fit at your place as opposed to any others, right?

Sadly most people are unable to transfer that way of thinking across to their online business. You won't be able to make money online, no matter how potentially great your opportunity, if you don't treat it like a serious business. If you act like it's a hobby it will return the results you'd expect from a hobby.

One of the biggest traps in home based businesses is that a shocking percentage of people who attempt to work from home for themselves fail to realize the serious attitude you need to succeed. It's not that they fail because they cannot do it or don't have the skills, it's simply their mindset was completely wrong heading into it.

You might have previously heard the expression that people join people, not businesses. If you have then you already know the number one rule in creating an income for yourself. Branding your name and becoming recognized as a trusted leader in your particular niche is something that is priceless.

For example, why are Pepsi and Coca-Cola the most popular names in their field? Is it because they are everybody's favorite cola drink? No, of course not. That's a matter for personal taste and everybody is different in that respect. The reason they're the first names which come to mind is because they are far more established as brands than anyone else in their chosen market.

Look around and you'll see this popping up in almost every different category of business. If you're asked to think of a soccer star most folks will immediately say David Beckham. Again, despite his obvious talent it could be said that there are superior players in the current footballing world yet, thanks to his fantastic personal branding power, he's the first name on over 75% of people's lips when the topic is brought up to name the world's most famous player.

Transfer this way of thinking into your home business opportunity and you will notice why some people are able to enjoy success but others aren't. Your brand isn't your affiliate program, it's you.

You see this mistake happening all of the time. I have had many conversations with people after they have joined an online business and they revealed that they initially were introduced to the concept by somebody else's capture page or information page. Why didn't they sign up there and then underneath that person? Because while they showed the various benefits of that business and convinced the viewer it was right for them, they didn't take any time to engage with the viewer on a personal level at all. Basically it was just a sales pitch.

By removing themselves from the picture, that person lost potential business. Remember, people join people. Your name is your brand and that is your most powerful tool in becoming your own boss. Ultimately your skill takes a back seat. You could have a ton of knowledge in a particular field but if you don't get out there and lay the ground work to become recognized you'll be lost in the mix.

If you take a quick look at somebody who is reaching success with a program like Empower Network and then look at somebody who is not getting the results they want you will notice immediately that there is a vast difference in their marketing styles. No matter what business you are involved with or whether you are creating your own from the ground up, you simply cannot make money online without treating it with the same mentality you would if it were in the offline world.

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