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Friday, 14 December 2012

Agency Maid-An Agency Maid Business Goes in the Zone With The Global Population

By Alice Sy

As long as there are homes, babies and elders then an agency maid can smile about having a good business. Last year's population statistics could tell us that the old age population in highly modernized countries doubled in numbers compared to the work force while developing countries experienced a high rise in its birth rate population.

To interpret, this means many people are getting older and more people are getting so engrossed at work in these modern countries that they need more people to take care of their elders. Even more alarming is that the young generations do not see the urgency of doing house works, even the women would rather find work than to work at the chores at home.

The agency maid can blame it on the Internet that has probably made people desire to log in to their facebook accounts than to do the laundry. The modern generation is not getting any more traditional, loving house chores as women were supposed to do. The agency would love the Internet too since business is easily possible online along with a cellphone, fax and scanning machine and some cheap printer and PC.

At an estimate, if there is 1,000 agencies say in Hong Kong there are over 300,000 domestic helpers out there and the client of an agency can even be the entire world. In Spain and Bahamas alone for sure there are more than 300,000 homes looking for maids, nannies or caregivers. Needless to say if the trend of the rising population continues, employers can actually outnumber the agencies and even the maids.

What makes the Agency maid efficient today is the rise of the Internet, where they can tap potential market via Facebook, twitter or youtube. In the future there would be less or no issue of zero customers, the competition is going to be all about who is the most reliable, experienced and who can handle the job well.

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