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Monday, 10 December 2012

NAEDO: Smart, debit orders that enhance your collection levels

By Tim Smart

Ask not what your organization is capable of doing for monthly payment collection, but what competent, low cost payment collection can do with regards to your enterprise. The single most efficient, cheap payment methods available today is a NAEDO or Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order. This payment system mixes the efficiency of debit orders with all the intelligent tracking of credit payments to increase your chances of successful collections and reduce fees devoted to retries and returned debits.

NAEDO debit orders were launched alongside AEDO or Authenticated Early Debit Orders in South Africa in September 2006. These somewhat new payment systems were brought to enhance debit order effectiveness by allowing smart, fair action of the debit order as near to a credit payment (e.g. salary deposit) as is possible. AEDO payments are often connected with pos transactions in which a future dated debit is mandated by pin authentication, on the debit or credit card or account with a bank for example. NAEDO debits don't require pin authorization, have got a R5,000.00 per item transaction cap and are generally only authorized to generally be submitted on bank accounts.

To remove the expanding problem of preferential payment access where some classes of beneficiaries always had access to account holder funds before others the NAEDO as well as its contemporaries were launched. The introduction of new legislation allowed for the phasing out of existing preferential practices getting rid of unfair reduced collection success for some beneficiary classes and establishing an identical field for everybody. NAEDO's are processed in a random, non-preferential basis, providing every beneficiary or service provider with an equal and fair ability to collect payments.

The wonder behind a Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order (NAEDO) is that it may be enhanced through tracking facilities. This means the beneficiary or supplier can stretch the mandated date over a number of months allowing the debit order instruction to generally be kept active, but unprocessed, until a credit payment is receive in the account. This significantly enhances the creditor's likelihood of collecting.

All looked at, a NAEDO does not only give your enterprise a fair chance of collecting funds, but increases your likelihood to do so by allowing tracking to bring about the debit at the most opportune time. So if you're anxious about your collection efficiency now may be the time to switch to NAEDO.

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