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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Free Ways To Generate Prospect Leads

By Robert Strong

If you are new to the social marketing industry, or have stalled out in your lead generating efforts, getting new prospect leads is essential to keep your business flourishing.

Obviously it is not possible and tasteless to pitch to everyone and if you do you'll find you don't have many pals.

Online Prospect Leads

There are numerous processes that you need to follow whether you are prospecting online or off.

Understand firstly that the power to close a sale is related straight to the quality of your lead. It is purposeless squandering your time pitching your product to folks who are not especially interested in it from the outset. May seem basic, but when new people enter the social marketing business, their keenness appears to outweigh their common-sense!

Identify your prospect leads first. Think "target marketing". Know, specifically who your best possible customer or prospect is market exclusively to them.

There are plenty of methods of lead prospecting, below are merely a couple of ideas. It's best to find a technique you are happy with, that way making shows will become second nature to you.

Word of mouth : the best and most cost-effective way to assemble prospect leads. Always chase up on any referrals from customers fast and mention your customer's name. Referrals from satisfied customers are extremely effective because your product is already endorsed by them and when you call a referral, quite likely your new prospect has already been told about your fresh product and is thus "pre-warmed".

Do not forget to treat this new prospect well, always chase up leads fast and then get back to the referrer and thank them for the lead. If this turns out well, then there may well be more referrals the easiest way to do business. Offering incentives to the referrer will always be appreciated and this should be in the form of a gift token or anything else appropriate. Manifestly if the referrer keeps bringing you business you'll essentially want to consider asking them if they might like to join your downline, because in effect they already are!

The right way to Network for Prospect Leads

If you're a member of any clubs or organizations these are perfect places to find prospects and if not an affiliate of any topical clubs, you should consider joining some. These are good places to find leads, because people know you. You will find other folks in related businesses if you join a networking group and share leads with them. For example if you sell automobile products you could hook up with someone who sells vehicles, but make sure that this method is a two-way street, you should generally provide incentives for those who do offer you leads.

Trade shows are good places to find prospect leads, but be warned that trade shows can cost lots of time and cash and you'll doubtless require assistance. Trade shows are attended by your target market, so win them over with your personality! Attraction promoting rules in these eventualities so don't stand around looking bored or spend the whole time on your laptop!

You will soon learn to identify potential prospects and gather important info from them. Find out their business and be agreeable. Attraction selling is a powerful thing!

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