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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Choosing The Perfect Website Address

By Russ Howe

Choosing a domain name is the first big decision you will have to make when trying to establish your business or brand online. Get it right first time and you can literally become an overnight online sensation, get it wrong and you can find yourself struggling to get anywhere at all.

Today we show you the three steps of doing this. Whatever your niche, if you follow these steps you will get far more from your web address.

1) Your name is a good start. Particularly if you're setting up your own business. This helps to brand yourself.

2) Relevancy. There is little point in taking a domain which bears no relevance to what you intend to do. For example you wouldn't choose a name about bears if your site was going to be about dogs.

3) The most common extension is of course dot com however there are numerous other options available to you. If yours is already taken then look at the other choices. Sometimes these other options are actually more suitable anyway, for example a nice dot org goes well with a nonprofit.

If you are creating a website for your family, starting your own business from home or are involved in an affiliate program these rules will help you a lot. You see, getting that right first step in place is vital to long term success.

Otherwise you can find yourself constantly starting from scratch. Make the first move a good one and you can start establishing yourself in your chosen online niche from the get go, so take some time before committing to any purchase.

When it comes to affiliate programs there is another useful tip you can apply here. Incorporating the name of your program within your url is a good way to get recognized in the business as search engines will pick up your website each time a surfer types in the name of your affiliate program. Our Empower Network blog is a perfect example of this.

These rules will help you to get stated on a positive note. Once you get going you will find it becomes easier and easier to get yourself established.

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