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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pampered Chef Review - A Warren Buffet MLM-Home Business

By James Wehner

PAMPERED CHEF REVIEW- In 1980, Doris Christopher started the Pampered Chef. The company was sold to Berkshire Hathaway in 2002. You might be interested in a Pampered Chef Review - Is Warren Buffet Scamming Members? "TPC" consultants sell kitchen items directly to consumers. Those interested in TPC should know what products the company sells, how much its top earners make, and how they're compensated.

The company carries approximately 150 kitchen items. Only 1/3 of its products are original to the Pampered Chef. Many of the TPC products carry their manufacturers' original labels. The Pampered Chef uses a unique sales approach by training customers to actually use the kitchen tools. Customers can purchase items such as strainers, pans, peelers, bowls and baking dishes.

Christopher's philosophy was that the most important thing was for customers to know how best to use their kitchen gadgets. The Pampered Chef makes sure products come with clear directions. They also make use of in-house kitchens in order to create TPC product specific recipes. The company's salespeople often use these recipes as a selling tool.

Salespeople are paid a percentage on each product they sell. They can also earn a percentage of the sales made by people they recruit into the company. This provides for a straightforward compensation structure. Consultants use in-house parties, trade shows and other group gatherings to demonstrate the products to customers.

The Pampered Chef's best performing salespeople are earning over $200,000 each year. Barbara Smalley was highlighted in Woman's World magazine. Smalley turned $100 TPC investment into $90,000 earnings a year. The company's top earners are using ideas such as free product demonstrations and cooking classes to sell.

Any business opportunity comes with costs, potential risks, and chance for reward. Therefore, people need to carefully research any company before deciding to join it. There are many MLMs and other types of business opportunities available that may be far more easy to achieve success in. However, The Pampered Chef is a good choice if you enjoy kitchen products and giving parties.

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