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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Scheduling to Make Your Customers Happy

By Hedrick Lepsch

The doctor's office is a hub of constant activity. The waiting room exists because it is impossible for a doctor and all of his employees to handle the volume of patients, calls and visitors all at once.

They can be interrupted at any time with a phone call asking them to schedule an appointment. When this happens when in the meeting with a current client, it can appear rude and inconsiderate.

Generally speaking, people are going to be happy if they can have a streamlined and effective experience to go with. While most people are somewhat patient and understanding, impressions are everything and every mistake which is made has the potential to be costly.

Therefore, it is very much a good idea for your organization to appear as effective and professional as possible. When people feel like they are in competent and effective hands, they will likely have a better experience which they can draw on later.

Now you could make the argument that you do not really need the business from a person like that. At the other end though, doesn't having their business make your job more profitable? Especially if the issue is not over how well you do your job, but how well you focus on them in your brief time with them.

Old man Adam has a disk out of joint and Miss Katie has something you've never seen before. Her case takes so long that before you know it, it's one-thirty and you're late for lunch.

Using this technology, you can be assured that there is not going to be lapses during the day or not enough time to do it all. Perhaps more importantly, it should make your clients happier because they will be able to see open times and book them using this program.

But you're not the only one that's busy. Office secretaries often come in at least half an hour before you, trying to keep up with all the work for the day.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions that you can consider taking part in. One of the best is getting involved with web based scheduling software.

Web based scheduling software gives you the option to send your clients to your website to schedule an appointment that will work for both you and them. The software allows you to pick and choose your availability times, and then publish those times to the web.

When the people who are critical to maintaining your business are able to quickly and easily interact with you, it improves their impression. Such an impression in turn can lead to favorable reviews as well as repeat business.

The answer is that important projects get put on hold to handle these situations. You can improve the quality of your customer service and the turn-around time of your insurance billing if you but use an online scheduling tool to help manage your scheduling needs. You can set up a system on your website where people can come set their own appointments without you or any of your staff getting directly involved. If your customers know about their online scheduling options, they will turn to online scheduling as their only way of coming to see you.

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