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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

How To Sell Anything For Beginners And Experts

By Conrad Oconnorton

When people think about how to sell anything they generally start to think about the product itself and its properties and benefits. This might seem logical but in reality it is a red herring. The real issue is the tone and formula behind the pitch itself. Anything can be sold by the right sales person. Here are some tips on how to be that person.

A central part of the sales pitch is getting the customer's attention. This is far easier said than done. These days society comes with an almost endless torrent of messages and sales pitches all vying for the customer's attention and money. The modern consumer has become incredibly good at blocking out advertising thanks to years of using the internet and watching TV. So the main job of a good marketer is to get their attention.

In many cases it is merely a question of getting the customer's attention. In today's world of multiple distractions and short attention spans things are far from straightforward. People these days go through life in a constant state of distraction, their attention switching focus mercilessly. Therefore central to any sales pitch is the need to command that attention and do it straight away.

All marketing campaigns and sales techniques must have some sort of 'bait' which brings the consumers attention to the product. This should not just be a shiny, meaningless bauble, but something which genuinely interests the customer and fulfils a purpose beyond pitching a product. Think about, say, a health food product and what bait would be most useful.

A free booklet of health advice and tips is a great little piece of bait which will get your potential customer thinking about your product the right way. It shows you are knowledgeable and trustworthy about the subject and subtly expresses the benefits of what you are selling. This shows the importance of delicacy in introducing your product with a free gift.

A sales pitch depends massively on tone. It does not matter whether you are calling the customer over the phone, talking face to face, communicating through a TV ad, an internet pop-up or a leaflet in the door. Tone is way more effective than information in terms of making a good impression.

Knowing how to sell anything means considering the effect your pitch has upon the audience. This is more than just listing benefits. It takes considered thought into how best to claim the customer's attention. If you can do that successfully you can genuinely sell any good or service.

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