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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Empower Network Member vs Empower Network Affiliate

By Russ Howe

Today we are going to give you the scoop on Empower Network. What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming an affiliate of this company and, more importantly, is it suited to you as a potential home based business opportunity?

There have been many success stories with this program over the last two years, many regular people have been able to build an income from home via it's earnings package.

But this is a home business and therefore you should be aware that not everybody succeeds. It's easy to look at the success of others, but your own success is not guaranteed.

Before you complete the registration process you will be asked whether you would like to be an affiliate or a member. Take your time with this choice and decide what you are actually using the program for in the first place.

Whereas most other home businesses throw in the affiliate plan automatically they do not do that here. Maybe it's their way of trying to show that they are a products-driven company, but basically if you want to earn you need to tell them this.

If your overall goal is to use Empower's authority blogging tools to brand yourself in a particular niche or gain more recognition in search engines for your existing business or brand, you will probably be more suited to the standard membership as it will allow you to do just that.

For those of you that want to be able to earn money with this program, however, you need the other membership level. The main issue we picked up on when we first came across this business is that it was unclear on price. You are led to believe it costs $25 per month but should you choose to be an affiliate you'll notice the price is actually $45 per month.

This is one of the reasons we say you should think carefully about why you wish to become a member before you make your move. It could potentially save you $20 per month!

The affiliate option is there for those looking to build an income from home with the program. You hold the re-sale rights to your system and therefore you earn a cool $25 per month each time you refer others to the business via your website.

Most affiliates fail to get anywhere, however, because they dream up big incomes and then fail to achieve them when they get started. To ensure this doesn't happen to you we advise taking your time with your decisions and getting from the business what you actually want.

Despite being potentially lucrative, it's nothing if you do not put the work in for yourself.

So, should you become an Empower Network affiliate? Ultimately it depends on what you want to use the program for. Many members have no interest in the earnings program and use it just for the products. Take your time and make the best decision for your own needs, it will make if far easier for you to make money online in the future.

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