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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Empower Network Releases Upgraded Blogging

By John Francis

The Empower Network just put in many developments with the release of ENV2, the most recent incarnation of the EN blogging system. This is most certainly no gigantic secret to those people within this distinct industry, as numerous of EN members have been clamoring about it for the last several months.

Not to much has been discussed to this point about the details of what ENV2 delivers regarding modifications to the trendy Empower Network blogging platform.

Right now we'll take up the more notable changes to this platform.

The Empower Network blogging machine has been totally revised and is extremely divergent compared to what it was formerly.

You might have heard a number of affiliates saying something like, "So easy and quick your Grandmother can create a new post faster than cooking a pancake". Her cooking skills aside the new setup is certainly far simpler to use than the preceding.

The previous rendition was essentially just a replicating install of Wordpress, using the same Admin controls and settings. Even though setting up a site with Wordpress is certainly easier than constructing it from square one employing raw coding, that was still far to complex for the average person to just leap in and begin using. I found the older version to be plenty uncomplicated for myself but I've been setting up web sites for several years. I've witnessed a lot of customers buy and wind up canceling simply given that they were not able to comprehend the technical components of the system.

Apparently someone over in Empower Network management noticed the same because the all new ENV2 platform has certainly simplified everything.

Today a totally unhatted member logs in, takes a look at the four large image icons near the top of the page and makes their choice. The options are video, audio, image or text. They fill out the necessary data, possibly pick a file to upload from their PC and that's it.

If there is any way to make something any simpler for the ordinary person, I sure wouldn't know what it is .

In fact, the ability to edit the CODE of a new post has been eliminated for the sake of less confusion. Just the visual editor is still there. While very expert Wordpress users, especially those who want to make more sophisticated alignments, tables, etc. could find this limiting, for the typical person this is far more pleasant and easy on the brain I would think.

Amongst the most notable modifications entails the Empower Network mobile app, making it simple to blog, upload video, etc., directly from your i-phone. One application which seems to be a triumph is the capacity for someone to record a video on their i-phone, then upload that video to your blog and post it in just a few clicks on your phone. The concept is that you could develop your business from anywhere utilizing your phone and you don't even have to hunch over your PC. It should be noted that the ease of doing this is made possible only by also enrolling as a customer of Empower Network's video hosting service.

The private video hosting service and the blog are created to work side by side to make this speedy and simple. With respect to more expert bloggers who are currently employing their own video hosting solution, in contrast to free sites for example, YouTube or Vimeo, this will not be any kind of surprise. For those people who were planning on just using YouTube, this can still be undertaken certainly, however they only have to embed the YT video link into new post. Though this is still many times quicker and simpler than using a standard Wordpress blog, it doesn't have nearly the same gimmicky appeal as being able to record, then click a button on your phone to have a new video blog posted.

Yes, the additional simplicity will be in exchange for a decrease of personalization and features. It is a revision for the majority, not the expert blogger.

For example, posting graphics into your post right now takes two clicks and there is no requirement to choose position or measurements for any images. The rationale for this is that the Empower Network blogging software will automatically resize every one of the pictures to the width of the post area. And so no more having to wrap content around photos. Most probably couldn't care less with respect to this as a problem and truthfully, with most of the site visitors seeing the internet using mobile devices these days, those images and text are going to get realigned for viewing anyway. Such just makes things faster and easier.

Another new feature is the Activity Feed which EN customers now see as their default member area home page. This is a lot like a social network feed which many internet users are used to. The Empower Network feed feed, though, displays excerpts of recent blog posts by other Empower Network bloggers.

And when someone creates a new post it is the choice of that blogger to decide on whether they want the new post available inside the activity feed and available for view to all their customers, affiliate down-line, or to just a specific group of customers who own a particular product. One can now pick who gets the notification so that if you have material which you want reserved for only your "Masters" customers, for example, you can do that.

Another unique feature is that of having the ability to swipe any of the posts which you find on your own Activity Feed with a single click, for convenient sharing or just to load your own blog with the content of others. This is again another social integration into the blogging platform, similar to the popular social networks.

Generally the developments for ENV2 are favorable and certainly in the direction of simplicity for the advantage of the normal person.

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